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Dr. Sharon Russell has been practicing dentistry for over 24 years and prides herself and her staff on providing gentle, caring dentistry for everyone who comes to their practice.  Here is what our patients have to say about Dr. Russell:

“My whole family loves Dr. Russell. My kids and I call her the “Tooth Sherry”.
  - Dana Coles

“Dr. Sherry is so gentle, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”
  – Liz C, Denver, CO

“I had a very traumatic experience at the dentist and avoided seeing one for 10 years. I talked to Dr. Russell before I went, and I ended up feeling very reassured. She has treated our entire family now for 15 years.  She is gentle, cautious, conservative, careful, and very bright.  She takes an intelligent approach to dentistry. I used to dread going to the dentist.  Now I actually look forward to it. It’s really everybody in her office; her whole staff offers very personal care.
     My kids started seeing her when they were young. They love her. My daughter was studying in London and chipped a tooth. She called us in the middle of the night saying she wanted to come home to have Dr. Russell fix her tooth.  Whenever I go in there, Sharon always asks ‘What’s Anna doing, what’s Stephen doing’. She is very involved and cares in a very personal way about her patients. And she’s fun.  Who knew going to the dentist could be fun?”
  - Cheryl Rooke

 “Our family loves, loves, loves Dr. Russell. Seeing her is like seeing an old friend who just happens to be looking in your mouth while you hang out together - she has such a relaxed air.  She and her whole staff make me feel relaxed, at home and truly cared about. She's part of the reason we stayed in Denver - we couldn't replicate her, she's a one in a million.
     My children actually jump up and down shouting "hooray - we get to go to the dentist this afternoon" when I tell them about their checkup. It's a testament to their trust in her and her delight in them. She is very special. 
     She's never done anything unnecessary. Her prices are fair and she would always rather be preventative, even when it means you need her less. She truly takes care of you long term, as opposed to other dentists who see you as an ATM and are quick to judge and quick to charge in. I trust her absolutely with our whole family's teeth and I hope she never retires ;)”

  - Sasha Addams

“I have been a patient of Dr. Sharon Russell for over 11 years and cannot imagine not having her in my life – I love going to my dentist.  I am constantly being complimented on my great smile (thanks to her)!
      Dr. Russell immediately puts you at ease with her warm personality, humor, and genuine concern for your comfort, first and foremost.  She also has the ability to make you feel like you are the only patient she is seeing and concentrating on that day.
     She explains ahead of time what she will be looking for, what she will do before she does it and while she is working on you.  She is constantly assuring you with her kind manner with every procedure, moment by moment, step by step.  She is very approachable and will explain thoroughly in layman terms what is going on with the health of your gums and teeth. She has the patience of a saint.  She recommends options without hesitation.
      It truly is like going to the ‘Spa’ at Dr. Russell’s office – she always has blankets and numerous pillows for your comfort.  I have also been offered an IPOD to listen to tunes while she is working away in my mouth.  She will ask often if you want her to sing along – and she does!  Amazing personality combined with great expertise, knowledge, talent, and state of the art equipment all for your comfort ensuring you have a great experience.
     The “icing on the cake” so to speak, is when she calls you the evening, after even a simple procedure AND the next day, to see if you are having any issues and that everything is comfortable in your mouth and to answer any questions you might have!  She’s an amazing lady and an even more amazing dentist. I would recommend her (and I do) to everyone who says I have a great smile, and that is almost a daily occurrence!  It is with gratitude I give this testimonial, I am a loyal patient who was terrified of going to a dentist and had not been to one in almost 20 years – until I found Dr. Russell.
  - Barbara Paul

“The staff is great, I am very well cared for and relaxed, which is a new experience for me at a dentists’ office.”
  - Brenda J., Centennial, CO

"I’ve been a patient for 10 years. Dr. Russell came highly recommended by friends when my former dentist passed away. She is a great dentist and a nice lady. She likes to talk and laugh, she even brings goodies sometimes. She has lot of zip and ginger.”
  - Monsignor Rasby

“As a child a dentist terrorized me, so I am incredibly phobic of dentists and because of this did not go to dentist for 16 years.  Dr. Russell has totally erased all of that I needed a lot of dental work. The first time I went in to see Dr. Russell I cried just having x rays taken. But with Sherry’s wonderful support through the years I no longer dread going to the dentist, I don’t fear it. My smile’s never been better.  I just don’t even think about it any more.  She’s just the best.   I would do anything for Sherry. 
Dr. Russell is the only dentist my kids have ever seen.  They have no problems seeing her.   We all go every 6 months.  Neither of them has any trepidation.  She is so meticulous and so professional and so gentle. Honestly she is just the best.”
  - Reggie Coles

“Wow, I would have been coming to the dentist a lot sooner if I had found you.”
  - Q. Harris, Bennett, CO

“Dr. Russell has been my dentist for ten years, and now my husband and two daughters see her as well. She's more than a dentist to our family - she's become our true friend. Our kids LOVE Dr. Russell! They are 4 and 6 and unlike me – who was afraid of the dentist as a kid - they just love to see Dr. Russell.  They can’t wait to go for rides in the "magic chair," visit "Mr. Thirsty," "Mr. Sunshine, and the fun water gun, and then choose a treasure from the chest.
  - Nicole

Gentle, Caring, Comprehensive Dental Care by a Denver Woman Dentist -Cherry Creek Location

Dr. Sharon Russell D.D.S.
3300 East 1st Avenue; Suite #580
Denver, CO 80206
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