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A kind, gentle, and caring female dentist in Denver’s Cherry Creek area, Dr. Sharon Russell offers the following services in her central Denver dentist office:

  • A comprehensive and thorough whole-mouth dental exam, including the teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks, lips, etc.  Dr. Russell is a holistic Denver dentist who looks at the patient as a whole, the body as a whole and the mouth as a whole.  Her dental exams include exploring the patient’s general health and diet as well as a complete and comprehensive exam, a full mouth series of x-rays, and a full periodontal and oral cancer exam.  Patients often remark, “That’s the most thorough dental examination I’ve ever had!”
  • Fillings / Crowns/ Veneers
  • Dentures / Partials /Bridges
  • Periodontal treatment, scaling and root planing
  • Fluoride and other preventive treatments
  • TMJ treatment
  • Splints and mouth guards for teeth grinding (bruxism)
  • Teeth Bleaching/ Whitening

Root canals, dental implants and orthodontics (braces) are dental services that Dr. Russell refers to a trusted network of specialists in these areas.  

Patient Comfort and Anesthesia
Dr. Russell is a woman dentist who understands patients’ concerns and fears about going to the dentist.  She is patient and gentle, and offers an array of anesthesia options including topical anesthetic, local anesthetics with or without epinephrine, nitrous oxide and oral sedation if required.  Patients are encouraged to use their i-Pods, MP3s and other personal music players for relaxation. Dr. Russell’s focus on the patient’s well-being includes adjusting the position of the dental chair for the patient’s comfort, providing a hand mirror if the patient feels more relaxed watching any procedures, sitting the patient up in the chair at any time they request it, and working with staff – such as dental hygienists and assistants – who also put the patient’s comfort first and foremost.  Dr. Russell finds that one of the most rewarding and gratifying parts of her job is helping patients gently work through their dental anxiety. Click here to read more about this.   

A Note About Fillings
Dr. Russell offers a variety of filling materials and selects – with patient input -- the material that will provide the best and most lasting result given the size, shape and location of the area being restored. For those concerned about mercury it may comfort you to know that the amount of mercury in silver amalgam fillings has been reduced by 80%.  Because silver amalgam fillings are glued and bonded to the teeth and because the silver does not wear down with chewing, mercury exposure is quite limited.  In addition, no replicable scientific studies have shown that amalgam fillings are dangerous. The single study that was conducted in Canada using sheep as test subjects was deeply flawed. Indeed the highest risk of mercury exposure occurs when silver fillings are removed. 

Quality of Dental Work
Dr. Russell’s dental work is careful, meticulous and long lasting. Her crowns and fillings can be expected to hold up for decades.  Barring traumatic injury or severe teeth grinding (bruxism), given today’s advanced materials and techniques and Dr. Russell’s level of skill, with proper home and office dental care, dental restorations will last a long, long time.

Dr. Russell participates in the Delta Dental Premier program. This is the only plan she participates in. Our office does accept all other Delta plans with out-of-network benefits as well as any other insurance plan that allows out-of-network benefits.


Gentle, Caring, Comprehensive Dental Care by a Denver Woman Dentist -Cherry Creek Location

Dr. Sharon Russell D.D.S.
3300 East 1st Avenue; Suite #580
Denver, CO 80206
(p) 303-320-1640
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