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Dr. Sharon Russell is a gentle woman dentist whose central Denver dental practice includes a full spectrum of general dentist patients as well as some special populations including:


  • Dental phobics – a lot of people are afraid of going to the dentist (dental phobia) either because they had bad dental experiences as children or because they’ve had other traumatic experiences. These patients have a very difficult time with someone working in their mouths. For some, even walking into a dental office is problematic. Some patients don’t even know why they hate going to the dentist so much; they are not consciously aware of the reasons behind their fears, but their fears are very real.

    By virtue of being female, kind and very understanding, Dr. Russell has learned over the past 24 years how to work with people who are scared of dentists.  She takes her time with these patients – whatever time it takes to get them comfortable and develop a relationship of trust. Sometimes that begins with a meeting or a series of meetings where dentist and patient get to know each other and no work is even done.  Maybe they just talk.  Maybe they walk into an exam room and even experiment with sitting in the chair. Sometimes a mirror is held up as Dr. Russell shows them their own mouths and what she will be looking at.  Slowly, trust and ease are built until the patient feels comfortable in letting Dr. Russell do an exam.  Any needed work is carefully negotiated with a strategy and agreements to ensure the patient’s comfort. 

    Some of Dr. Russell’s most satisfying moments come when a patient who used to be afraid of the dentist finds a visit “no big deal.”  If fear of the dentist or dental phobia is an issue or concern for you or someone you know, please call our office to learn more about the ways our gentle female dentist handles these patients.  
  • Elderly, Ill or Geriatric Patients –As “the most unrushed dentist ever” Dr. Sharon Russell and her central Denver dental office are the perfect match for elderly or special needs dental patients.  Dr. Russell loves her elderly clients and has many, many patients in their 80s and 90s.  She is well versed in the conditions and diseases that may plague older mouths – such as root caries and dry mouth.  She is meticulous about making dentures that fit comfortably. The office staff is also trained in working with elderly patients. Tiffany Tomlin, Dr. Russell’s chair side assistant, was working with the elderly as a geriatric nursing assistant, was licensed as an assisted living administrator, and certified to administer medications (QMAP certification) before she joined our Denver dental practice.  You should also know that our Cherry Creek dental office, exam rooms and the building itself (including the restrooms and elevators) are wheelchair accessible and easily accommodate elderly patients.
  • Children – Dr. Russell has lots of children in her practice, some of whom she started with as babies more than 24 years ago, who are now adult patients today.. Dr. Russell loves children; in fact, before deciding on a career in dentistry, she was a preschool aide in Denver. Our dental hygienist, Pam Grant, has an M.A. in Early Childhood Development which serves the practice well in dealing with our youngest patients. Current ADA guidelines call for a child’s first dental visit at 12 months.  Believe it or not, the average child in the U.S. has an average of two cavities by the age of two.

    “Happy Visit”: As a woman dentist determined to circumvent the next generation of dental phobics, Dr. Russell’s first visit with a child is called a Happy Visit.  There is no charge for this visit, which includes a ride in the “magic chair,” time for counting the child’s teeth together, holding a mirror so they watch while Dr. Sherry checks for any special problems, and time for the parents to learn how to clean the child’s teeth. The most important thing about the visit is to make sure the child is having fun. The goal of the visit is to create a positive experience for the child at the dentist. Dr. Russell doesn’t have a single dental phobic patient in all the kids she’s been seeing in her Denver dental practice for more than 24 years.  None are the least bit nervous about going to the dentist.  Dr. Russell is very proud of this as well as the fact that the patients she’s been seeing since they were kids hardly need any dental work because they’ve learned how to take care of their mouths.

    : Dr. Russell is a strong proponent of proper home dental care as well as sealants for preventing tooth decay, including home fluoride treatments and xylitol.  She teaches proper brushing techniques, (neither too firm nor too frequent), the importance of flossing, the effects of diet and nutrition on teeth and oral development, proper toothpaste selection to avoid excessive abrasion, etc.

    Pediatric Dentistry
    : If a problem is discovered in a child under the age of two, Dr. Russell usually refers the child to a pediatric dentist who specializes in treating very young children. At the age of about three, depending on the child and the extent of the treatment required, Dr. Russell will treat young patients. If a filling is required, children watch with their own special mirror while the work is done.  They think it’s fun.  Dr. Russell uses microscopic loupes to catch even the tiniest cavities before serious problems develop.
  • GLBT Dentist – For more than 20 years, Dr. Russell’s practice has included GLBT patients, and she is well schooled in the health concerns of these communities.
  • Smokers – Dr. Russell treats dental patients who smoke. Of course she encourages them to quit, but she treats them regardless.  She will also assist smokers in quitting by providing a prescription for Chantix®.

Gentle, Caring, Comprehensive Dental Care by a Denver Woman Dentist -Cherry Creek Location

Dr. Sharon Russell D.D.S.
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